The Start of the Big Move

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.34.38 am.png

It’s coming oh so very close to my move out date, just shy of three years after I moved in. In my adult life I have never lived in the same place for this long before moving somewhere different. This place has been my fortress of solitude, the place I got to live with my best friend for a whole year and the first flat I was allowed cats!

As it comes nearer, I begin to get nostalgic. As I began moving things around I always hark back to the days when I sat in my flat alone on a thin mattress on the floor because I had to save up to get furniture. I stayed in a single bed in a room with no curtains for over two months before I began to transform it into the home I made today. It’s by no means perfect, I’d change a few bits of furniture if I had the money or was an interior design expert, but it was all I needed.

Slowly I’ve begun to take out storage boxes I forgot I owned, thrown away over loved shoes and found two HUMUNGOUS cockroaches, but it’s got me almost tearful at times. and not just because of the cockroaches… I try to think what this flat represents to me. A change in lifestyle, a change in country, a change in me.

So I have devised a master plan of attack for my final week in Sands Street.

Monday – Post stuff to England / take out my pension (You can take out your MPF in Hong Kong when you leave the country if you aren’t going to return and I thought it best as if I grow old and senile I might forget I ever had it!) Get a handyman to touch up the walls and fix the tap.

Tuesday – Send money to England. (excuse my french) FUCK BREXIT, but while the exchange rate is high, I should send as much across as I can.

Wednesday – Organise furniture donation to Crossroads charity and say goodbye to Milky (my last foster cat).

Thursday – Have the unwanted furniture taken away and electrical items cleared. Final clean of the flat. Take final items to the Salvation Army.

Friday – Say goodbye to my lovely flat.

Then that’s it, the keys leave my hands, I get the deposit back and I try not to bawl my little eyes out. You’ve done me proud little flat, you’ve done me proud. Thanks x


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